Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Found this rough in a pile of old roughs from CONAN THE ADVENTURER. My old roughs were much more scribbly back in the day. Compare this rough to the previous blog posts of recent Conan work.


John Beatty said...

That is a HUGE difference!


Kat said...

Hey. I was surfing for a picture of "Salakot" when I found one of your works. They're great!

chema garcĂ­a said...

Hello, good blog, I like very much your works.
The Internet better(best) is to discover a professional and to be able to leave a commentary him(her), when it(he) was small alone veia the works in paper(role) and was unthinkable to be able to communicate with the author.
A greeting.

Rafael Kayanan said...

John- yeah, I think the major difference is in structure. I used to try and capture the energy of the page. Now, I try and add more pieces of the puzzle so to speak.

kat - I checked out your blog on Zambales, my family is from Tarlac! Thanks for the comment.

neochema - glad you liked the entries chema. I'll be uploading more art in a few days.