Friday, July 20, 2007


This image takes a detail of the rough breakdown (in blue) and superimposes it over the pencil art (in earth tones) from an issue of TUROK in the mid 90's. You can see the art choices I took which differ from the breakdowns.

Here is the pencils of the page.

Here's the roughs. You can see I was starting to finetune my breakdowns a bit more than the scribbing from CONAN.
The art style for TUROK eventually evolved to a much cleaner brush linework. I was still trying to mesh the ink art to the then digital coloring revolution... it became apparent that feathering was no longer mixing well with the heavier modeling of digital coloring. It continued to evolve as I started to understand the coloring methods even more so that by the time I did the recent CONAN issue for Dark Horse I knew how much of the ink lines I had to edit out to help the colors read better.

If you check on this image you will be able to read some of the notes I wrote into the breakdown. One is a note to writer extraordinaire Fabian Nicieza, which states, " Moving Yanik (character name) to the left so you have more room for WB (Word Balloon)." The slight separation also added more depth in the negative space between the foreground characters and Yanik. I added more space for word balloons on the bottom panel as well.

Btw, TUROK seems to be one of the licensed characters that is just made for films or animation. So how come there's never been a TUROK movie?!!!


John Beatty said...


I could see a whole story drawn in your "Turok" layout style...maybe add some grey tones, bitmap it for the 'dot' efx and 'boom'!

...yeh...I like it!


Rafael Kayanan said...

John- I agree, I've thought about it a lot. It maybe something I will save for a story I write and draw. There's some qualities in the line that I want to keep in the rough stages. I was thinking of using a black prisma for the grey tones and do the "pencil painting" thing, but grey toning using the dot FX is another sound alternative.

Craig Zablo said...

Hey... you forgot the little TM Craig Zablo by the term Pencil Painting!

Rafael Kayanan said...

LOL... that's right!!

Mark Staff Brandl said...

Yeah --- the pencils lines are amazing. If you kept that it would be a logical and exciting extension of the great Gene Colan's approach.