Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Vader sketch card for TOPPS. Sketch cards are the same size as baseball cards.
TOPPS commissioned a group of LucasFilm approved artists to draw cards which will be inserted into packs.
The set also includes autograph cards from the original cast of actors such as Harrison Ford.
I did 56 cards for the 30th Anniversary set of STAR WARS.

On some 3POs I added a touch of gold ink, cuz that's how we roll in the sketch card biz!
Click on the 3PO image to get the detail shot.


John Beatty said...

Great touch with the metallic ink!

Nice cards!


Craig Zablo said...

They should call those PAINTING CARDS! And how did you come up with 56? That's an odd number [ok, it's really an even number, but you know what I mean].

Rafael Kayanan said...

John, thanks - just wanted to add a touch so that it isn't overwhelming the whole image.

Craig, artists get six cards returned to keep or sell off. I agreed to do 50 plus the six.

Anonymous said...

which 6 got returned to you? and how much you want for them? =)