Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The book is available now! Excuse the bad cell phone pic. The actual printed cover looks great!


Digital Painted Front Cover.

"Product Description

The Walking Dead gained national attention as AMC’s latest critically acclaimed drama, shattering the network’s previous premiere ratings highs and earning a second season renewal after its very first episode. But before its television debut, Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead was a comic phenomenon.

James Lowder, veteran editor and author in the horror genre and comics field, collects some of the biggest names in the zombie genre, along with other top horror and comics writers, to discuss the series on both page and screen.

Contents include:

What makes The Walking Dead so effective as a zombie narrative
The television show’s surprising optimism
Rick Grimes as Objectivist hero
The Walking Dead’s journey from comic to television series"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Coverage and photo from Attention Deficit Delirium

Plus, an IMMORTALS review that I'm gonna tattoo on the back of my worst critic at Nostalgia Books and Comics

"Kayanan’s images pulsate with rapidity yet masterful pacing. This Ares centric tale captures the beauty of War through Kayanan’s choreography of dynamic action, anatomy and emotion."

I think they are the bestest reviewer ever.

Monday, October 17, 2011


This is a brief video showing some of the creation of the mural spread in the IMMORTALS: GODS and HEROES GN from Archaia. Relativity had a huge wall sized print of it at the New York Comic-Con with a small snippet from this sequence. It's not a tutorial but a small glimpse into the creative process.

Of course, you'll have to pick up the exquisitely designed book at your local B&N or online retailer to see the completed image.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Signing IMMORTALS : GODS & HEROES with writer Ron Marz Friday 12 noon at the RELATIVITY booth #444 come by & say hello!

The above image is a DOC SAVAGE drawing I colored in CS5. It;s one of many large art prints I will have available soon.

Has nothing to do with the signing but I can't show any interiors from the book just yet.