Saturday, February 18, 2012


Just a heads up - I got a chance to work on a quick knife fight last month for the CBS show NCIS:LA.

TV, especially network tv, well this kind of thing is few and far between.

The actress is Daniela Ruah , she executed a very physical knife fight scene extremely well.
She plays the character Kensi Blye.
Her awesome stunt double Tammie Baird is standing on the left, but Daniela shot the whole fight herself and is clearly visible through out.

The stunt team Brand X worked on HAYWIRE and BOURNE ULTIMATUM films -
we had a great time working together on this.

You guys can check out episode 317 on the 28th of February, Tuesday night on CBS.

Special thanks go out to series Writer / Co -Producer Dave Kalstein for inviting us.