Saturday, July 7, 2007


Made the move to Blogspot from Blogstream.
If you'd like to check out a ton of art from my old blogstream, check out the links and archived work on the link to your right titled: Old Raf Blog


John Beatty said...

Welcome to 'blogspot' Raf! Now I can finally comment on your work and posts!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! :)


Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks for the welcome John!
Plan to post some of the new works here.


Elayne said...

How come nobody ever told me John Beatty had a blog? :)

Added the RSS feeds for both of you to my Bloglines subs. I think Blogspot will work out much better for you than Blogstream, Rafael. I could never see your pictures on Blogstream's feed.

John Beatty said...


I've been doing a blog for a few years now. Problem is keeping it up and letting it go for months...then changing the direction I want, etc...anyway...I talked to Raf about moving to 'blogspot' because I loved his blog but the registration on blogstream was driving me crazy!!!

So I've been 'begging' him to move in here and I'm happy he finally did!

Hope you and Robin are well?


ps: sorry for answering Elayne on your blog, buddy! :)

Rafael Kayanan said...

No prob, John.
Hi Elayne - Thanks for checking out the blog.

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