Monday, July 9, 2007


Posting some roughs from a recent CONAN issue for Dark Horse.
These are panels where I am working out the composition for a page.
At times, the panel may look fine as a single image, but it does not fit the setup and reveal for the followup panel, or the one preceding it does not flow in terms of shapes and other compositional concerns.

In this case, although I like the power exhibited by the lead character, I have already done a similar, more interesting version on another page where Conan is doing the same thing but thrusting with the sword behind his back.This panel also directed the reader back up to the panel above it which broke the stream of the storytelling.

So it goes in the "to blog" virtual pile.

Below is the rough that I ended up going with. Conan is sweeping his sword and pushing the direction of the page towards Janissa who is in the panel adjacent to this one.


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Craig Zablo said...

You're roughs are so smooth!