Monday, July 9, 2007


Fight boards can come pretty close to what makes it onscreen. The added benefit of being a comic book artist is that it meshes seamlessly with translating what I helped choreograph with Thomas Kier on William Friedkin's the HUNTED. During the Paramount (Kerry Conran) version of JOHN CARTER of MARS, it came in very handy because I'd choreographed long sword fights with characters that were totally computer generated. Above is a sampling of boards out of around 80 which were drawn for the HUNTED knife sequences.


Craig Zablo said...


That was so cool! Your board are so POWERFUL. I actually forgot how really good those knife fights were!

John Beatty said...

Yeh...good stop posting so're making me look bad to all my fans! LOL!


Rafael Kayanan said...

Which brings me to the latest post! LOL!

jactinglim said...

You rock :D I love this post!!

I found your blog through the Alamat mailing list, and I'm glad to read about you working on fight scenes.

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks Jac! It's been fun and another challenge to continuing evolving and learning new stuff. Hope all is well!