Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This was done using traditional pen, ink and grey toned copic markers.

Note: I reposted a better scan. There was subtle payne's grey and sepia tones on the original that disappeared on the previous image. I had to duplicate the high rez layer twice - colorize it with the grey and sepia respectively then adjust the opacity filters to better represent the original artwork.


Franklin Ayers said...

The feel of this piece is awesome Raf. Way to go! I like the "weights" of the two characters.

Alexandre Togeiro said...

Hi there Rafael. Fantastic work! The details of Conan's clothing and gear are incredible! It also reminded me of the Conan mini-series you did way back. I practically grew up reading those, and thought your art there was awesome and very original. So congrats!

Julkillo said...

Amazing sketch,I don´t have notice of this blog,but,sure I´ll return,because love your work at Conan series

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks for checking in on my blog Alexandre and Julkillo. Always happy to hear how the Marvel Conan series I worked on left a positive memory for so many - - Especially from fellow artists!

Frank - yup... that concerned me as well as trying to keep from getting too many tangents between all those small forms and angles.

Maritze said...

Been a while since I've been here... great stuff you've been dong mate! Love this one!