Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Received my comp copy of this HUGE tome from Dark Horse Comics. It was titled Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy--From Tatooine to Dark Empire .

800 Freaking pages!!! Printed in hardback and comes with a slipcase cover.
Just a nice looking book.

According to the Dark Horse site, the book includes:
All of the most exciting, most significant stories of Luke Skywalker are here in this breathtaking oversized hardcover.
Never has there been a more magnificent assemblage of Star Wars comics, or a more perfect prize for any Star Wars fan!

What topped it off was the story which anchored the book. It was the issue I illustrated ten years ago with writer Darko Macan.
An aged Luke reminiscing about his old friends with his two droids. It covers the death of Chewie (yeah - I killed Chewie....)

If you ever wanted to read the Star Wars comics featuring young Luke Skywalker, then this is the one to get!


Franklin Ayers said...

Awesome Raf! Chewy smelled like an old rug anyway.

Jeff Doten said...

I rememember when it was The Advetures of Luke Skywalker. I was 15 and I bought into that completly. I never really got over it not being that... I've got to check this out - Jeff

Miguel Serrano MacĂ­as said...

Hi Rafael! I've been following your works since your first conan's stories. I like your dynamic style and your character designs.I'd like if you could see my works in my blog. Thanks and congratulations for your works!

resigned idealist said...

Oh good! You got this. DH sent it to my place first and I refused the package. Glad you got it Rafe.

It's Sharon btw.

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks Sharon - you're still looking out for me!!! :)