Saturday, November 15, 2008


Leroy Douresseaux of Comic Book Bin reviewed the issue of ROUGH STUFF issue 8.

Here's what he wrote about my section:

"A visualist with an imagination that is as potent as Bosch, Kayanan specializes in creating the ingenious and peculiar imaginary worlds of everything from Conan and Star Wars to Batman’s Gotham City and Marvel Comics’ sci-fi series. This 11-page section is a tour de force of inspired comic book and fantasy art"

Aw shucks dude!

Check out some more art that was not included in the printed magazine at the ROUGH STUFF website


Unknown said...

wow! worldclass!

ang galing niyo kuya, di ko sinasadyang mapadpad ako sa site na ito...

ang lupit, ang bangis...

pinangarap ko din maging komikero kaya lang wala eh, kulang sa talent...hehe, kaya nagbabasa na lang ng komiks...

bibisita ako dito ng madalas..

more power!

by the way,
wutta hot chick on your post! yum! : )

Rafael Kayanan said...

Hey salamat dotep!

resigned idealist said...

Bah, tired of looking for an email for you, Rafe.

Okay I need your help.

Is this video for real, of Bruce Lee playing ping pong with a nunchuk?

Let me know what you think, Okay?


Rafael Kayanan said...

LOL, that almost got me buying a Nokia!

The real Bruce would play blindfolded.
Thanks SC!

resigned idealist said...

Ugh, that means I lost a bet. Thanks for checking it out Rafe.

Maritze said...

Fantastic drawing! Love it.

Miguel Serrano MacĂ­as said...

Just amazing!!!!