Friday, June 13, 2008


Live action TUROK film is planned with Adam Beach to star!

I had a great time working on this comic with writer Fabian Nicieza. It would be cool to revisit him in this new medium.

ahem, Hollywood ... Who used to draw the TUROK comic , the art for the highly successful video game, plus does film concept art and fight choreography?



Elayne said...

I think Turok was the first time I was aware of your art. By the way, nice meeting you at MoCCA, thanks so much for coming up to the Lulu table!

Craig Zablo said...

It would be a cool gig and you could bring so much to the table. Let's hope someone does some research to get you on board!

Rafael Kayanan said...

Hi Elayne, so cool to have finally met you. I have to meet Robin someday as well! MOCCA was an excellent convention!

Craig, press announcements are always weird these days because with the interweb it takes awhile to find out whether the project is actually happening ornot. I'm crossing my fingers for Adam Beach but one never knows.