Sunday, June 15, 2008


Gene Colan was the first artist whom I recall copying as kid and realizing I wanted to draw comics. It was an issue of DAREDEVIL with a great splash page of DD swinging midair with a starkly lit fisheye foreshortened pov that Colan mastered at. Later on, his work with Marv Wolfman on TOMB OF DRACULA was for me the best depiction of the vampire character. I learned more about the way Gene worked in a 1970's Marvel publication titled F.O.O.M., in it they featured Gene's pencils and for the first time I could see how his grey tones and handling of the shadows was truly on another level.

Recently, a call went out from writer Clifford Meth about Gene Colan being quite ill and Cliff organized a tribute auction to assist Gene in defraying some of the bills.

So below is a link to my contribution to the auction. It is paltry to the hundreds of hours I've spent studying and admiring the work of one of the best in the medium. Please check it out and bid if you can. Thanks!


More on this in Cliff's Blog

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really, really, profoundly cool. - mh