Thursday, September 8, 2011


I created these samplings to help remind me of what kind of line quality, flow and ink richness I want for a specific task.
These are all pens with hard nibs, no brush pens or soft tipped markers.
The type of paper you use also matter, because some pens may respond much better on a different surface.

Everyone will have different results, so I'd advice drawing up a test page of your own.
Keep it around like a menu to see which pens respond best to your needs.
Know your materials, Know your tools. It will allow you to do the experimentation on what really matters - the image!

For my blog post on Pens, Markers and Brush Pens.


Mike D. said...

This is priceless advice Raf..thanks

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks! I figured fellow artists can look at this and pretty much get an idea of what they want to check out. :)