Thursday, August 18, 2011


I revisisted the Rampant Lion image with the goal of conveying more of a victorious image.
Here, the knight and the lion are well on their way to defeating the dragon.

The original is black and white. The touch of sepia is added digitally in CS5.

This original is also much larger than its predecessor.
A healthy 16 by 20 inch pen and ink on thick illustration board.
The challenge was to maintain the integrity of the iconic lion posture and still keep it fresh.
I shifted the dragon head around at this angle so that the line of action focused on the weapon piercing the creature.

Used brush pens, and pen nibs of various sizes.

Greys added using liquid pencil and sable brush.


Gerry Alanguilan said...

That's pretty stunning, Raf!

Water-Walker said...

Man, that is REALLY COOL! You going to color this bad boy?

Rafael Kayanan said...

Glad you liked - Thanks for stopping by Gerry!
To W-W, Much appreciated, I might do so if time permits.