Thursday, April 29, 2010


A series of process images from last year's What If DD/Elektra I worked on.
First up is the first prelim I did for myself, just to work out the flow and movements I wanted to convey.
I wanted it to be chaotic but also showcase distinct fight movements. My initial idea was to have the panels be actual shoji screen dividers being ripped and slashed apart as the two fought .

Problem was I only had three pages. One was reserved for a "calm before the storm" moment I worked out with writer Karl Bollers and the third was taken up by the large homage Miller/Jansen climatic panel.

I felt that this second page would be too far away from the storytelling language that framed the sequence so I stepped back and went with this second layout.


B A D said...

That's movement Rafael :D Amazing!!

Rafael Kayanan said...