Saturday, March 27, 2010


We lost a giant in comics today.

Dick Giordano hired me during mid semester of my first year at art school in 1983.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I got a call in my dorms that a "Mr. Giordano was calling from NYC".
I was living in Sarasota, FL at the time.

I ran to the dorm's community phone booth, and on the other end, " Hi Rafael, this is Dick Giordano and I'd like to welcome you to the DC family!"

I felt like Superman walking out of that booth - changed my life.

He and Pat Bastienne were always the best to me. Always took the time to guide me and Dick's slick inks really made my work shine- fixed all my rookie mistakes on those Firestorm covers.

My condolences to Pat and to Mr. Giordano's family.


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Unknown said...

Wow Raf... my condolences as I had forgotten Dick's impact on your life, which was truly significant. Dick Giordano was a true legend and cultivated so many talented artists during his life. I am grateful to have met him and worked in comics with such talents as you and many others.