Saturday, December 12, 2009


Preview of my WHAT IF special can be seen here.
Available this Wednesday at all fine comic shop establishments.
"What If special based on the seminal early 80s Daredevil run by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson!
By Karl Bollers (WOLVERINE: HUNGER) and Rafael Kayanan"
Portion from's review by Dave Wallace:
I probably would have given the issue a score of 3 bullets had it not been for the excellent artwork of Rafael Kayanan, which is strong enough to push it just above the average rating. The opening pages are particularly arresting, with a wonderfully moody close-up of Elektra that's followed by an explosive action shot of a wounded helicarrier, before giving way to some slightly more restrained flashback sequences. Even in these quieter scenes, however, Kayanan finds a way to make the pages visually interesting, with strong design elements in the artwork (for example, the page in which Stick disarms Elektra), a great use of light and colour (as seen in the montage page that shows Elektra training with Nick Fury) and some delicate handling of occasionally disturbing imagery (such as the aftermath of the massacre in the Kingpin's HQ, or the scene in which Elektra discovers the Advocate's "gallery").


Unknown said...

That looks very nice, Raf! I'm going to have to pick up a copy! :)

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks John - it was fun working on the Cintiq and adding the tones. So far, have gotten only positive feedback for our efforts.