Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The faceless hooded character with flute was an inked drawing I did as a freshman in high school. Rest of the collage are by a variety of artists.

Ink Stains Issue 4

Article by Ken Meyer Jr. covering the amateur publication by the late Capt. David Heath Jr. from the 70's and early 80's devoted to SF/Fantasy comic art. Gilbert Hernandez, Dan Clowes, and many others who currently work as professionals graced the pages of such small run publications.

"Rafael Kayanan was not really associated with any one fanzine… he was all over the place, if in small quantities. He got his start in fandom like many of us, myself included, through Alan Light’s The Buyer’s Guide..."


Craig Zablo said...

The talent was obvious even WAAAAY back then!

Franklin Ayers said...

That image was in our dear old Reflections Magazine in high school!

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks Craig!
Good call Frank!