Wednesday, September 23, 2009


On the right is a link to Michael Jaco's book The INTUITIVE WARRIOR. I rarely promote books on this blog, but I first met MIke when he was training edged weapons with us as a great representative of the elite Navy SEALs. He also shared with our group some of his philosophy and outlook on the warrior mindset. The best way to understand where Mike is coming from is to read a bit about the man and his experience first hand. This book is highly recommended. What you think it takes to be a SEAL will be changed once you read where he is coming from.

Just check out some of the chapter headings:

Higher States of Consciousness
Tapping Into the Higher Self
Martial Arts as Means for Awakening the Warrior Within
Love, and its Opposite Fear

Not what most military themed books cover right?
Thank me later.

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