Monday, September 15, 2008


Drawn in Illustrator.


Craig Zablo said...


John Beatty said...

That's sweet, Raf! I guess that's done on the Cintiq?

How's that working out???

Really nice lines, and style!

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks Craig and John!
Yup, Cintiq with um custom brushes.
Really enjoying the Cintiq so far.

Jayare said...

Hi Raf I stumbled upon your blog and I am amazed at the work. i sub'd into to your blog. Your awesome and you're filipino too. lol Hope to see more of your work and I plan on purchasing your books.

Maritze said...

Great drawing Rafael!

Rafael Kayanan said...

Better late than never Jayare and Maritze- your comments are much appreciated - big Thanks!