Wednesday, April 16, 2008


WORLDs of DUNGEONS and DRAGONS ISSUE ONE is at stores today! It is the first half of the Drizzt story, "The Dark Mirror" by R. A. Salvatore adapted by Nick Schley (on script), myself (pencils/tones) and Lovern Kindzierski (colors).

MORE color art at this link

While you're at the comics shop - check out a copy of ROUGH STUFF issue 8 as well!


BusterComics said...

Picked this up with Conan 39 today...Why they did't use you back page pic for the cover baffles me !!Looking forward to Rough stuff next week..Did you go to the Comic con or visit the Pope???Regards Tom from Kali in Sarasota

Rafael Kayanan said...

Hi Tom,
Long time! Hope you are still training!
They couldn't use the back page panel because the covers are painted and drawn well ahead of time. I believe they had the covers done before I was even on board. I did do the cover for issue six but no interiors since I'm on another project at the moment. Would love to return to do more Drizzt stuff some day soon. I went to the con - btw, I never knew you were even into comics! That classic SHIELD cover on your blog reminded me that Steranko was at the con!