Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I missed this review from awhile back:


What sparked this post was that the reviewer noticed this:

"The rest of the artwork is strong in and of itself, but what’s most important are those big moments—intense battles with otherworldly creatures where you can almost see the beads of sweat and blood glistening on our heroes. Kayanan nails those panels and it’s those images that stay with you after you’ve closed the book."

Being a detail nut and using up waaaaayyyy too much of the Cinema Display screen to enlarge a panel than I needed to - as you can surmise from the isolated progression above.
I literally did include the sweat and blood on those pages.
Although I wouldn't recommend that level of obsessiveness to anyone.

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Craig Zablo said...

It's that attention to detail that brings a sense of realism to the art. Gulacy was the uh, Master of it on his Kung Fu run.