Thursday, April 17, 2008


I got a chance to see director Tarsem's recent film THE FALL last night at a special screening at the MOMA. I won't go into spoilers territory but it is part Metal Hurlant, Zorro, Pulp, Koyaanisqatsi, Mahurin, Jean-Leon Gerome, Buster Keaton and Cinema Paradiso all rolled into one and more! Tarsem's probably known for the film THE CELL, and REM's LOSING MY RELIGION video. This is far far better than the CELL, both the pacing and the story are more structured. What is refreshing about the film is that it does not take itself too seriously, and is held together by a gem of a find - Romanian actress Catinca Untaru. She adds a genuine side to the story that would otherwise be a visual feast leaving viewers dazzled, but held at a distance from the material. In the story, Alexandria the little girl she plays (named after Alexander the Great) has a cigar box filled with all her favorites things. Not a toy box, but objects of found wonder which holds a curious mind entertained for hours. Something many creative people may have possessed when they were kids. Well, this film appears to collect many of Tarsem's favorite wonder items and I'd say that many fans of the comic medium will enjoy visiting as well!

Tarsem was on hand to give a brief intro to his film and he mentioned something about THE FALL "exorcising" these ideas.
I as a viewer would hope he continues to explore these themes in the future.


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