Saturday, April 26, 2008


ROUGH STUFF MAGAZINE 8 has an article on my art for various mediums. The link takes you to some extra artwork that didn't fit due to space. The issue of ROUGH STUFF eight is on stands now.


BusterComics said...

Hi I'm not training any more..The locai 2 comicbook stores did not have RS8 last week so I ordered from Twomorrows but they have not shipped yet!!!!!But I looked at the link to the unpublised art you posted...What are you using for "corrections" when inking??whiteout?And what is the original size of the RKBlaster piece..later Tom

Craig Zablo said...

Thanks for the link, Raf!

Rafael Kayanan said...


I do a lot of computer art these days so I correct there. For older stuff I used white gouache watered down or any of the art opaque whites. You can find those at Barry's if they are still around.

RKBlaster is around 9 by 12... I'll finish it someday...

Enjoying your blog as usual - picked up BLAST OF SILENCE and will view this week! Excellent SP cover. Really like the comics he and Brubaker have been doing. Gotta make one of the Sketch Societies one day!