Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I did several pages of "enhanced pencils" for Marvel's WHAT IF: ANNIHILATION comic which goes on sale today. On the right is an isolated shot of Black Bolt and below it is a full page. I also got to design the Inhuman's ship on the bottom panel - what a fun project!

I share the pencilling in the book with talented newcomer Mico Suayan (MOON KNIGHT), with writing by David Hine (SPAWN, SILENT WAR) and colors by Paul Mounts.

David wrote a small description of the Watcher's machine being "kirbyesque" and that Reed Richards should have to adjust his body to the scale of the machine. So I drew Reed stretching and weaving around this complex non-earthling proportioned machine, his fingers straining to reach buttons on oddly shaped keyboards.

So check out the comic this week!


Jon said...

That looks cool. Love the shot of Iron Man with the visor retracted. Hope my local store gets this in, I'll definitely pick it up.

Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks Jon, btw, enjoying your blog - FIRESTORM RULES!!! (and the Silver Surfer - another favorite character)

Jon said...

heh, thanks man :)

John Beatty said...


Nice page! I'll see if I can grab a copy!

I actually got to meet Mico, this past trip back to the "home country!"


Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks John - I got all the "quiet" scenes but they were fun. Yes, I've exchanged some emails with Mico - he's very talented! That's great that you guys met.