Saturday, November 10, 2007


Loved that Chris Rock line - this sketch was done from a screencap taken from footage by one of our martial arts students who works with large animals. When I was working on the JOHN CARTER of MARS pre-viz, I wanted to get some footage of big cats moving naturally for some of the creatures that would be involved like those Banths that are perched on the siege machine posted on 10/31/07. So he filmed them at very close range just playing and "going tiger".


Craig Zablo said...


John Beatty said...

Very Nize! going to be at HEROES-CON again this coming year?


Rafael Kayanan said...

John - Unfortunately, I won't know til a month or so prior to the show with work and all.

John Beatty said...

Hopefully you can! It was great seeing you and catching up again after so many years!!!