Friday, January 11, 2008


Rough Stuff magazineis edited by artist Bob Mcleod, and "features the many forms of preliminary art for comic books, along with comments from the artists themselves, and has interviews and articles and various features such as a look at drawings done by pro artists before they turned pro." My work (such as the above) will be featured in the April 08 issue. I picked up all the wonderful back issues awhile back when I wasn't schedule to be in it. Check out what's behind the curtain from a who's who of stellar talent both young and old . HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Been busy on some projects recently. I am currently working on a 40 page adaptation of an R. A. Salvatore short story featuring the coolest dark elf, I mean drow ever - DRIZZT! I will share some images once Devil's Due Publishing okays it.


spiral115 said...

Wow Raf... killer stuff! So to speak.

azhar said...

just found your blog...

noticed some of your work from some comics i bought..can't remember what..

good to see fellow Asean as successful as you...

your work are damn good..tell me your secrets!...hoping to follow your footstep into becoming a comic artist..

please drop by my blog..give some comments/tips